Appears: Spring

Native to Wisconsin

The mayapple occurs in the south of Wisconsin and prefers moist woodland areas.
Look for these large leaves along the forest floor and the flowers will appear under them.

Mayapples also produce a berry that is mildly toxic. Some people eat that berry in summer, but why take a chance? Everything else about this plant is poisonous.

3 responses to “Mayapple”

    • The roots of mayapples are indeed toxic as are other parts of the plant, and the roots especially can cause skin problems, and parts of the plant will actually kill livestock. But in the hands of an expert the roots can be used to make an herbal stomach medicine. There’s often a fine line between toxin and medicine depending on amount and preparation. I certainly wouldn’t tell my kid it’s harmless though.

  1. We love wildflowers. A group consisting of family members found some in the mead wildlife area on hwy s. Awesome plant. In fall we will take in the blooming prairie flowers. If we can, we bring a few friends.

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