Large-Flowered Trillium


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    • Good question. I grew up in the 70s and we were all told that. Here’s what the DNR says, however: “Native plants – The old wildflower law that protected plants such as orchids, trillium and bittersweet was taken off the books in 1978. Except for wild ginseng, wild rice and endangered or threatened species, all other plants are unprotected on private lands and may be taken, transported or sold – with the exception of noxious weeds and nuisance weeds. On state property, you cannot take any plants or plant parts except for edible fruits, edible nuts, wild mushrooms, wild asparagus, and watercress. These may be removed by hand without a permit for the purpose of personal consumption by the collector.”

      So it’s still no on state land, and I imagine some local parks have their own no pick rules.

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